Cultural Meetups in Eindhoven

                                                                     For Chinese language culture and China business enthusiasts

2023 Calendar with Meetup dates and holidays

Language Plaza is a lifelong learning community, especially for Chinese language and culture learners and China business practitioners. Meet Up sessions are the social and cultural activities for all Chinese language and culture learners and those who are interested in lifelong learning.
In addition to practicing speaking Chinese, participants can take this opportunity to expand their network, exchange practical information and learning experiences, and discuss issues related to China.

Host(s):                                          Ms Kitty Miao, MA, and co-host
Host Languages:                          English, Dutch and Chinese
Target audience:                           People who are interested in Chinese culture, Chinese language and China affairs, trainers, coordinators

Locations:                                     A. Turnhoutlaan 3 B, 5628 RJ Eindhoven
                                                        B. Language Plaza

Time onsite Meetups:                 Tuesday evenings, registration required

Meetup dates:                              2023: Jan 20, Mar 10, April 21, June 16, Sept. 1, Oct. 27, Dec. 15 (Fridays)

Admission for 1-time meetup:  €18
Admission for 10-times:            €133
Free admission for the members and students of Language Plaza.
The default Meetup program is: Book reading and sharing; People interview and forum discussion; Lectures and workshops.

Reserve your Meetup spot in advance please

The seats for each Meetup session are limited to 20. Please register on time to book your spots, via Tab Webshop or click here the link 'Webshop'

2023 Friday meetups

March 10, 2023        Chinese Corner
20:00 - 21:30            Location A


Jan. 20, 2023 Chinese Corner Story telling

Dec. 16, 2022 Year-end party from 18:30-20:30 at Woensel Wereldkeukens (Ground floor)
                          Address.: Winkelcentrum Woensel 292, Eindhoven

Nov. 15, 2022 Theme: Chinese speaking corner: practice through talking
20:00-21:30     Language Café: Vocabs enlarging games
Location B       Articles reading HSK2-4
Oct. 11, 2022 Theme: Chinese speaking corner: practice through storytelling
19:30-21:30     Language Café: Verbal fluency games
Location B       Book reading "Journey to the West_Water Curtain Cave-1", Xī Yóu Jì 2-2, 西游记: 水帘洞-2
                          Chinese learning tips

Sept. 13, 2022 Theme: Chinese characters 汉字与文化 Hànzì yǔ wénhuà
19:30-21:30     Lecture: Amazing Chinese characters
Location B       Language Café
                          Chinese corner with games and learning tips

Aug. 13, 2022 Summer party: closed for members only

July 19, 2022: Theme: Food 饮食和文化 Yǐnshí hé wénhuà
                          Special excursion to China Cultural Center in Den Haag and Mallejan restaurant in Maarssen
                          - 13:15-14:50   travelling time (from Eindhoven)
                          - 15:00-17:00   visit the CCC: special attention to Exhibition "the Dream of the Red Chamber"
                                                    Parking advice: garage Wijnhaven Centrum Den Haag, €2,5 per hour                                               

                         - 17:30-18:20   travelling time from Den Haag to Maarssen
                          - 18:30-21:00   dinner at restaurant Mallejan

                          Every participant pay his own costs (travelling and dinner), no admission costs to this Meetup, and the visit to China Cultural Center is free.
                          Please click this link to let us know if you would join this excursion or part of it, as soon as possible please (before July 14th).
                          We will then make the reservation, and try to make a good group arrangement.

Jun 21, 2022:  Theme: Sport 太极和文化 Tàijí hé wénhuà
18:30-21:00     - Workshop Taiji and Chinese cultures, by Dr. D. LIU
Location A       - Book intro "Sports Gene", Yùndòng jīyīn《运动基因》
                          - Book reading "Journey to the West_Water Curtain Cave-1", Xī Yóu Jì 2-1, 西游记: 水帘洞-1
                          - Language games
                          After registering, you will receive the handout of the articles.

May 17, 2022: - Introductory lecture: This is also China - eternal and changing, by Drs. K. Miao
19:30-22:00     - Video presentation and reading "Journey to the West" 《西游记》part 1
Location A         Intro to "Journey to the West - Xī Yóu Jì" on the wiki page:
                          - Chinese tea culture and tea ceremony demo
                          - Cultural quiz, prizes to win
                          After registering, you will receive a handout about the video.

Online Meetup rules

To get the most out of each learning and teaching session, please turn on camera, especially for Mandarin training sessions. Please check your internet connection, camera and microphone in advance.

We meet up to learn from and support each other, please be respectful, and approach each other with an open mind and constructive attitude.

A notepad and pen will be helpful. Writing things down and review them shortly after, helps a lot in memorizing.

Please attend the meetings with the same name as used in the registration to enter the room smoothly. Come on time. Late attendees might be declined to participate.

The meeting room is open 15 minutes before the starting time.