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Omroep Brabant interviewed Language Plaza and gave the tip of 'learning Chinese'
to improve your competitiveness
Please listen to the interview and watch the video below. Click for more

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For Chinese learners,

Would you like to practice Chinese with a language buddy, and to learn Chinese more efficiently? Language Plaza can help!
We help in making the SMARTER learning goals and choosing the suitable learning packages. The more you practice, the more you can master.
Language Plaza strives for efficient learning, provides you a stress free online e-learning environment
and helps you to achieve better result.
Language Plaza provides language buddies to listen to you, and to give feedback. We'd like to accompany you in your Chinese learning journey.

For schools,

Would you like to have more satisfied students who may pass the Chinese (HSK) exams with ease? We can help!  Language Plaza assists school students who choose to learn Chinese to get extra help, to enjoy the learning process, and to book better results. Language Plaza delivers a blended and inclusive learning environment, nurtures intercultural international studies by fostering curiosity and the awareness of diversity.
We wish to create win-win situations with schools, work together to enrich school activities, and aid with internationalization.

For companies,

Would you like to build up teams with high intercultural skills to explore flourishing business in China? Contact us! After 15 years of practice, Language Plaza is moving on in post pandemic time. We have discovered some infallible business strategies, and would like to share them with you.
Well begun is half done.

We provide in-company business Chinese language and culture training and facilitate companies with communication and administration services.
We strive to be your reliable business partner.

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