Bart Houkes:

Thanks for the nice 'lesson' (language and cultural workshop on August 9, 2021).
You do it very well, calm, in control and react excellently. You are a boulder!
I learned a lot from the workshop, thanks again!


Peter Mies:

I have been taking Chinese lessons with Kitty for a few years now. First 'in class' but by COVID in a group 'online', which incidentally was effortlessly adapted and completed by Kitty.
    My motivation to learn Chinese is on the one hand out of pure interest to learn a new language and certainly a language that is becoming increasingly important in the world. Not only in my private life, but also at work, I myself work as a purchasing manager at Philips Medical Systems, more and more business is being done with suppliers and customers in China. To immerse yourself in a language is also to immerse yourself in the culture, a factor that is of great importance to be able to make a good connection with your Chinese partners.
    As Kitty explains, 1.3 billion people in the world speak Chinese, so learning it can't be difficult! She is of course absolutely right about that and you gradually learn that Chinese has a very logical and easy structure. The challenge for a 'Westerner' remains to master the completely unique words and written language and, not unimportantly, to pronounce the words in the right sounds. You need a good teacher like Kitty for that.
    As mentioned briefly, Kitty is very flexible in adapting to the wants and needs of her students in ever-changing circumstances. What helps in her unique way of teaching:
- Well-structured lessons and explanations, supported by clear teaching materials,
- Varied homework via e-mail, which is partly completed in workbooks and partly by fun extra assignments,
- The extra assignments are often in line with current developments in China, the world or in daily life and are therefore truly practical,
- Ample opportunity to apply what has been learned through conversation exercises with fellow students,
- Always passionate and encouraging students to communicate in Chinese, even if you may only know two words,
- A good facilitator who always ensures a pleasant group atmosphere in class.

    So if you are looking for a new challenge and interested in learning one of the most important world languages, Chinese, then register with Kitty.

Pascal Den Boef

Kitty has been teaching me Chinese for 6 years. I thoroughly enjoy the lessons, in which Kitty demystifies many of the difficult and subtle concepts of Chinese. Her lessons are a nice mixture of all facets of the language – with plenty of patient interaction with her students! Whenever we (inevitably) make mistakes, she uses many examples to illustrate important points, which allows us to keep improving after 6 years. I especially appreciate Kitty’s enthusiasm and creativity in teaching. Even after class, she encourages us to send her voice messages or write down stories in Chinese. Thanks to Kitty, I will enjoy learning Chinese for many years to come!

Drs. ir. M.L.M. Coppens:

Kitty was my Chinese teacher for several years when I just got back from China. She helped me not only to maintain but also improve my language level. She also helped me to pass HSK 5.
Kitty is a very passionate teacher who knows how to make the Chinese language accessible with great enthusiasm. She also pays a lot of attention to cultural aspects and I can contact her for Chinese in a business context. She uses a clear method and adjusts this individually, so that a lot is possible. I can wholeheartedly recommend her for lessons in Chinese language and Culture in the broadest sense of the word!

Joost Wouters:
I started learning Mandarin for fun and out of interest in the unique Chinese culture and language. I ended up in Kitty’s class and have been her student for the past 6 years. That says it all.
Kitty is an inspiring teacher. Challenging when she needs to be (giving loads of homework) otherwise we would not get anywhere. But mostly her classes are good fun, with lots of laughs and a pleasant atmosphere. She is very alert to the student’s problems and issues and can adapt to the moment's needs (6 exhausted students on a Friday evening). Her teaching methods range from the nitty-gritty of basic vocabulary training, checking homework, watching Chinese film fragments, talking about news items, to interactive sparring exercises. What I particularly like is the use of modern communication technology. For example, we record small videos of our home situation and tell a story to that video, or give short (30 seconds) audio messages to her via WhatsApp. It really helps to get me going using the mandarin I learn. Since we went online due to Corona, I do miss the Chinese cookies and candies.

Patries Kempenaars:

Kitty worked for two years at SG De Rooi Pannen as a Chinese teacher. I got to know her as a great colleague; competent, enthusiastic, helpful and independent.
In addition to her teaching, she organized the student exchanges for three years in a row. She has made contacts with schools in Shanghai and Beijing, among others. Also, the subsidy application, implementation of the program, logistics, visa applications, network, etc., Kitty has been thought of everything. In this way she really "took care of" the school. Because of her, the doors of Chinese schools have been opened, otherwise have remained closed to us. This has resulted in satisfied students, teachers and a long-term partnership with the Chinese schools. Unfortunately now Corona. But next school year, Albeda International Business Studies may call on her again. Objective: an exchange and internships in fascinating China.

Maarten Timmermans:

I got to know Kitty as a very passionate woman who is knowledgeable and works profoundly.

Jiajuan Zhou:

China Bridge Institute makes me touched and surprised. You have done a lot for the society with warm heart and success. Many thanks to all the teachers, students and volunteers for your great effort in language and culture contribution.

Hakee en Poyee:

It was a very successful evening and we learned a lot from your knowledge and experience!

Lucas Nuchelmans:

Thank you very much for your hospitality!


Thanks for sharing the wisdom.

Hannie & Jos:

We have learned a lot! Many thanks!

L. Wang:

Much cooperation in the future.