Chinese Courses in Eindhoven and Online

Our language buddies accompany you in learning and practicing

Research shows that there are 1.31 billion native speakers of Chinese mandarin. Chinese mandarin is absolute the world's most spoken language, far more than the second spoken language Spanish (Statista, Dec. 2020). Among every 5.5 persons, there is a Chinese. Speaking a bit Chinese will help you to communicate easier with the largest population in the world.

    Chinese is not easy but also not that difficult. When we have more chance to speak and to practice, we can master it better. At Language Plaza, you would have opportunities to practice.

Chinese Mandarin Group Courses

You perhaps are not sure yet whether you should start the Chinese learning journey, or where and how to begin? We have collected several data in a small survey for you, please click here to go through the survey, which may help you to get some ideas. Thank you for taking part in the survey, by the way. We hope to come into contact with you to discuss about the possibilities.

Chinese learning can be very interesting when you are able to express what you want to say in Chinese. We encourage all learners to start using Chinese to introduce yourself, from the very first day of learning, and keep talking in simple Chinese sentences! Everyone can do this by following our instructions. Expressing yourself in target language will make your learning a lot more efficient, which would increasingly award you with a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.
You may notice that one of the difficulties in foreign language learning is, ‘’learned 10 but forgot 20", which can not be true. However, it indicates the feeling of frustration. We know that it is actually normal that we forget some of what we have learned. We all need certain time to change what have been learned into our own skills.
    There are two important factors that lower our learning efficiency: 1) Learners have not brought the learned knowledge into practice, so they have difficulty to change it into their own skills; 2) what have been learned might not be the essential stuffs that the learners really need, so they do not feel encouraged to use them. Language Plaza therefore provides you a lot of learning and testing materials for you to choose, which allows you to learn what you really need, and eager to express.

    To achieve this, we may learn through the completion of language tasks and sharing your learning results with other learners. Learning by self, you may go fast; learning in line with a group of people, you surely go farther and with fun.

    Join us, to learn, to meet, to share, and to have fun.
    Join us to become a member of Language Plaza. 

How to join us? Simple, contact us through email, online form in tag 'contact', or phone call:
- after receiving your contact, we will come back to you within two working days;
- we discuss together what the best would be for you or your organization.
After registering to be a member, you will get a notebook from Language Plaza. Your contact person will guide you through our e-learning platform, and you can immediately start your learning journey at your own pace.

Participants of group courses become automatically the member.

Chinese group courses will be given the whole year around. Choose from week courses or weekend courses. 
A standard group course has 16 lesson times, it is normally in spring and autumn season. Courses in winter and summer season and special training can be organized in negotiation. 
See below the general arrangement of group courses: