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Inspirations of school trip to China on cross-cultural skills training

China is for many European students a mysterious monster. A study trip to such a remote and unfamiliar country sounds like a big dream. De Rooi Pannen Trading school let the dream of her students become true. I'd like to briefly share with you the inspirations of one of the trips to me as the teacher and the trip coordinator.
   A good trip to China requires intercultural openness, well planning and sound cooperation of all involved students, parents and school, including the non-directly involved department like financial department. Everyone showed the trust and respect as well as the flexibility.
    During the whole trip, especially in
China, the cultural empathy, social initiatives and emotional stability of all participants have been tested and challenged at every moment. Cultures are dynamic. What would happen in each moving and how you would react, is a real test of your intercultural competence. Everything is new, you experienced a lot and all your reflections might change into your own skills and unforgettable memories.

School internationalization can be funded by Dutch government, click here to see more.

If your school provides Chinese courses, we can give the students extra hands to help them to practice Chinese and to pass the exams. 
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