New Year's resolutions 2022.1.22

€15.00 €8.00

Saturday Mandarin training via ZOOM, Jan. 22, 2022, 12:30-14:00 CET
The meeting link will be sent to the registered people prior to the meeting.


-Learn some Chinese time words and promising sentences
-Set up flags for 2022, for to check after a year
-Support each other via feedback and feedforward


What we'll do:
-Introduction round (10 minutes)
-Warm up: farewell to 2021, inventory of global and personal events (15 minutes)
-'New Year's resolutions' sharing round (30 minutes)
-Learn and improve the resolutions and the speech (30 minutes)
-Wrap up (5 minutes)


How to prepare:
-Challenge yourself, dare to make flags and to share,
-Write down your 'new year's resolutions', which can be in Chinese characters, in Chinese Pinyin, in English/Dutch, or in their combination. Please limit it in 3 sentences'
-Please send us your 'new year's resolutions' via


Suggested prompts:
-What has added value to you?
-What has made you (feel) different?
-What has been the most fun in learning Chinese language and culture?
-What's something you'd like to change or build up in 2022?