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Provincial Radio Brabant interviewed Language Plaza
Giving to-do-tips in Corona time: to learn Chinese

What can you do in Corona time? Provincial Radio broadcast Brabant keeps giving tips: to learn a new language - Chinese! Language Plaza was invited to the talk. Two Radio presenters interviewed Kitty, the founder of Language Plaza Chinese Learning.
     There are about 1.31 billion native Chinese speakers (Statista, Dec. 2020), more than 10% of which are children, who have not go to school yet, it is about 10 times of Dutch population. So many people speak Chinese without problem, Chinese should not be a very difficult language to learn, if you keep practice.
Language Plaza is a sustainable Chinese learning platform. You can follow group courses or do self-learning by joining our community. Our language buddies and coaches would assist you to define your learning goals, facilitate you with needed learning materials, and encourage you to speak Chinese.
You can listen to the broadcast of Brabant Radio (in Dutch), and have a look at the transcript of Chinese recording (in English and Chinese).Click here to open and download the file. You can learn a few Chinese already or refresh your Chinese knowledge. The recording in Chinese Mandarin is here below to find.
    Learning resources are everywhere. Welcome to join Language Plaza.

Chinese recording of the 50 Chinese sentences from the transcript of the interview.                                           Track 17: What to do in Corona time?


For Chinese learners of higher Chinese language levels:

Phoenix TV station recently launched a new TV series “Phoenix goes to the west of China". Famous presenters Mr. Dou, Ms. Zhou and the special guest, famous chef and Chinese culture expert Mr. Luo (American) travel together to the west of China, and show with us what they saw and thought.

   This episode is with Pinyin and English translation, about two minutes. It let seen how Mr. Dou and Ms. Zhou welcomed Mr. Luo in the airport, and their short conversations regarding their train experience in the past.

HSK level 5 and 6 are the advanced levels of the Chinese language proficiency.    Click here to go to HSK word lists of all levels