Most frequently used 10 Chinese adjectives

The most frequently used top ten adjectives in Mandarin Chinese, according to Dedao Advanced Research Institute (2021), are:

    1. 大 dà: big, great;
            For example, Lìrú 例如: big city, chéngshì 大城市; The snow is falling heavily. Xuě xià dé hěn dà. 雪下得很大。                                                          
     2. 多 duō: many, much, more, excessive;  
            Lìrú 例如: speak Chinese more, duō shuō hànyǔ, 多说汉语; There are many things to do. Yào bànde shìqíng hěnduō. 要办的事情很多。
     3. 新 xīn: new, up-to-date;                                                
     4. 高 gāo: tall, high, loud;
     5. 许多 xǔduō: a lot of, many, much;                              
     6. 重要 zhòngyào: important, significant;
     7. 老 lǎo: old, aged, of long standing, experienced;     
     8. 全 quán: complete, whole, entire;  
     9. 美 měi: beautiful, pretty, very satisfactory;               
     10. 快 kuài: fast, quick, rapid,speed, hurry up, pleased.

All the ten adjectives are either positive or neutral, which may indicate that Chinese people like to express things positively.