Chongqing - the Bridge Capital of China

Do you know which city is the largest city of China? Have you ever heard about its nickname ‘Bridge Capital’ of China? Yes, it is Chongqing, my hometown Chóngqìng 重庆: a city with cultural appeal and a land with natural beauty!

Today a hundred year ago, the Communist Party of China was founded. I would like to introduce you to Chongqing city. During the 100 years, under the leadership of the Party, China has made great achievements in all respects and has become a much more prosperous society. That is a huge contribution to the centenary. I can feel it from the enormous changes in Chongqing.

Chongqing literally means: ‘double celebration’. The city had had several names before it was renamed as Chongqing in 1189, when Emperor Guangzong of Song Dynasty celebrated his double achievement. In 1891, Chongqing opened the oldest inland port of China, that connected it with the outside world, via waterways. As of 1997, Chongqing has become the fourth municipality (provincial-level) of China, and falls directly under the jurisdiction of the Central People's Government.

I grew up in Chongqing. In my memory, there were no flat roads in Chongqing and nobody cycled, that’s also why I did not learn to ride a bike until I was 17, when studying in Beijing. Because Chongqing was full of steep ramps, mountain roads and stairs, it seemed that people were always moving up and down. Since then, Chongqing has changed rapidly led by the communist party.

The Communist Party of China shows its strong leadership, not only in the development of Chongqing, but also in the hundred years since its founding. Personally, I believe that Communist Party of China is a strong and capable party that has absorbed a lot of merits from various ethnic groups and from the history, without losing his own position. The party has then trained itself to be the best party in cultural diversity and development management, and in marching on to the future. The 2500-year-old Confucianism has contributed to the social and political orders in China. Never to pursue victory, but to ensure it remains unconquered, by means of its undefeated civilization. Civilization itself becomes richer, stronger and more tolerant.

Nowadays, Chongqing was labeled as the only ‘Bridge Capital’ in China in 2005, with more than 14,000 bridges, including 4,500 large-scale bridges and 38 super tall bridges crossing its rivers. Chongqing’s Bridge construction has created 17 bests in the world, and 9 of them have maintained the world’s highest record so far. In Chongqing, automatic lifts, ropeways and cable cars are everywhere now. Farewell, the countless stairs!

Chongqing is a mega city with great mountains, big rivers, more than 32 million residents (by November 1, 2020), and covers an area of 82,4 square kilometres. Abbreviated as " Yú ", Chongqing is also known as ‘Mountain city – shān chéng 山城’, ‘River city – jiāng chéng 江城’, ‘Bridge capital – qiáo dū 桥都’, ‘Fog capital – wù dū’ 雾都’, ‘Stove city – huǒlú 火炉’, and ‘Hot pot city – huǒguō chéng 火锅城’. You can see from these names how much tempting imaginations the city would bring to you.

You can find many videos about Chongqing on internet, I have edited a video of less than four minutes from four YouTube video excerpts and added some subtitles for you to understand the Chinese well. For the full YouTube videos, please visit:
Chongqing Bridge Capital:  6’27”
     Chongqing Municipality:  9’16”
     Columbia girl in Chongqing:  8’19”
     Chongqing hot pot impression:   7’02”

I am not a party member, but I respect the achievements of the Communist Party of China. I still remember that I did extra effort when applying to join the Communist Youth League when I studied in Chongqing No. 1 Middle School. I carefully copied the application letter three times, from beginning to end until every punctuation mark was correct! In my memories, Chongqing for me is also:
- the
sycamore avenue and the running footsteps on the shady avenue;
- the
Xiàngyángyuàn (playing groups) and the rivers-watching pavilion in the Park of rivers;
- the first indoor
brilliant fireworks and the amazing maze;
- the first kǒngmíng Lantern (孔明灯) releasing in my middle school;
- the endless sound of reading, the generous back view of hard working parents;
- the first television, the first fridge, and a lot of firsts, and
- the mountains climbing, the going down of hills, and countless stairs...

My last gaze at Chongqing was from a Yangtze River Three Gorges Ferry, already too long ago! Chongqing, my hometown, should be very familiar yet unfamiliar to me. The same as you, I have been growing, Chongqing has been changing. What that does not change is my love and proud of my hometown Chongqing! I would like to be in Chongqing soon.

Kitty Miao, 2021